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Top Structural Steel Suppliers

Metal Supply supplies structural steel for a wide range of applications. We provide construction and civil engineering steel materials as well as fabricated products for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Steel can be easily customized and treated for specific uses and is fast to fabricate and erect, meaning reduced delivery schedules and earlier project completion.

Being an incredibly strong, durable and versatile material, structural steel is the most widely used metal in the construction industry, and we have different structural shapes to choose from for your custom metal fabrication project.

Premium Quality Structural Steel

As a market leader in metal fabrication and steel supply, we know that structural steel projects depend on the reliable supply of premium quality metal and reliable delivery. Whether you want vertical steel columns for a building construction project or horizontal i-beams for completing a roofing project, we have the widest selection of structural steel products.

Buy standardized structural lengths, shapes and designs from Metal Supply or order fabricated structural steel products for your project to avoid the challenges of metal fabrication. Many designers and architects choose structural steel because of its strength, inherent beauty and rapid erection cycle. Choose from different structural shapes including:

  • S-shapes – Structural i-beams
  • M-shapes – Structural H-sections, light beams and junior beams
  • W-shapes – Structural wide flange
  • MC-shapes – Car and ship channels, junior channels and miscellaneous shapes
  • Bar channels
  • C-shapes – Structural channels
  • L-shapes – Structural angles
  • Bar angles
  • Galvanized angles
  • Z-shapes – structural zees
  • T-shapes

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Need complete turnkey services for your structural steel fabrication project? Want reliable structural steel supply for your commercial construction project? At Metal Supply, we use our expertise to provide end-to-end solutions, from shop drawings to fabrication to on-time delivery. Call us today!

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