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Full Metal Catalog

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Metal Supply is the leading metal fabrication and stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum supplier in Los Angeles.

With over 55 years of experience in the industry, we continue to lead the way in offering full-service metal supply and fabrication.

Whether you need flat carbon steel or cold finished steel for your manufacturing or construction project, we have everything you need.

Check out our industrial metal supply catalog to find what you want.

Full Metal Catalog

The Scope of Our Metal Supply Solutions

Our professional and skilled experts specialize in supplying the highest quality steel and aluminum for your residential, commercial and industrial construction and plant maintenance needs. Whether you have a small or large project, strict or even long-term delivery or project completion timelines, we at Metal Supply do what it takes to provide excellent services.

When you contract us for your metal supply needs, expect to get the widest range of metal supply solutions in the market. We provide:

  • Structural shapes
  • Hot-rolled and cold finished bar stock
  • Flat-rolled carbon steel
  • Steel tubing
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Expanded metal and others

Choose from different metal types, sizes, shapes and grades from our industrial metal supply catalog. We are your one-stop shop for all your steel and aluminum supply needs.

Enjoy Speed, Variety and Convenience

There is a reason why so many clients count on us for their metal fabrication and metal supply needs. Because of our speed and convenience when it comes to service delivery. With our large 75,000 sq ft facility, you can be sure that we have the widest assortment of steel and aluminum products and components ready to be shipped to you at any time.

At Metal Supply, we’re proud to offer the most competitive pricing to our valued customers. Contact us now to learn more about our metal products.

Visit our industrial metal supply catalog to select the type of metal you need for your project.

Full Metal Catalog