Metal Fabrication in Santa Barbara

Established in 1961, Metal Supply has made its name as the metal fabrication and steel supply center of choice for residential, commercial, and industrial projects in Santa Barbara. We provide reliable solutions for modern day construction projects and industrial metal supply needs. Whether you need stainless steel, aluminum or exotic alloys for a large-scale metal fabrication project or high-tech steel processing technology for your machining project, we can handle both small-scale and large-scale projects.

Structural Steel Supply in Santa Barbara

If you have a building or construction project in Santa Barbara, structural steel supply will be a priority for your project to ensure a strong foundation that can withstand the weather extremes in the area. From structural beams and frames to special steel fabrications, we provide a broad range of metal fabrication solutions including structural steel supply, depending on the scale of your project.

As an established industry leader in steel metal fabrications, we can design, fabricate, and install a wide selection of residential and commercial metalwork products. Work with us for your custom metal fabrication needs in Santa Barbara.

Vast Experience

Our experience spans over 50 years delivering exceptional service to the construction and industrial sectors. We fabricate structural steel frames, pipe supports, skid weldments, stairs and ladders, pipe fabrication and spooling, service platforms, conveyors, and anything else that your project demands. At Metal Supply, we have an extensive inventory to cater for your metal fabrication and supply needs in our massive 75,000 square foot facility.

Have an idea that needs 3D modeling technology? Work with our in-house detailing team to turn your fabrication ideas into a realistic model. Want fast turnaround for your structural steel supply in Santa Barbara? We have a fully automated and integrated CNC inline drill, saw and coping unit to meet your needs.

Want the right quality steel for your construction project? Are you working on a tight deadline and need steel supply for your metal fabrication project in Santa Barbara? Discuss your project details with us today!