LADBS Certification

Firms that acquire the Los Angeles Fabricator License are qualified to deliver structural steel to projects within LADBS’s jurisdiction. The Los Angeles area has one of the most stringent earthquake codes in the United States. Fabricators supplying structural steel for projects built in this geography must be approved by LADBS. Applicants are subject to a demanding pre-qualifying process, followed by an on-site facility assessment which includes an inspection of the plant and equipment, a QA/QC process review, as well as employee testing.

Approved fabricators must exhibit and maintain an extraordinary standard of operation, fabrication expertise, and quality focused on the life, health, property, and general welfare of our employees and the general public to be certified. This standard must always be upheld, and will be examined by an inspector to ensure that they are being met. An LADBS fabricator must be extremely diligent in upholding the accepted standards of the certification and ensure absolute compliance.

While challenging to acquire and rigorous to maintain, the Los Angeles Fabricator License is beneficial as it allows a firm to work with structural steel within jurisdiction. Without being an LADBS fabricator, the scope of operations for a firm are quite limited.

Metal Supply is proud to have the LADBS fabricator license, and can install and maintain structural steel for commercial and residential projects.

2017 LADBS Cert

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