Looking for Metal Fabrication Professionals Serving San Diego?

When you need superior metal parts, rely on seasoned technicians for the best results. Metal Supply, Inc. offers a range of affordable, precision industrial metal supply services – guaranteed to exceed your needs. Metal processing and metal fabrication is our area of expertise. We routinely work with stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials to fashion reliable, high-quality pieces per our customers’ specs.

The Necessary Tools & Knowledge

The specialists at Metal Supply, Inc. have what it takes to complete virtually any metal fabrication job on behalf of our San Diego customers. Our steel fabrication plant is 85,000 sq. ft. and situated under a crane. With over 50 years of industrial metal supply know-how behind us, we possess the knowledge and tools to take on metal supply projects involving stainless steel, aluminum or alloy.

What Can We Do?

Located in Southern California, Metal Supply, Inc. is a go-to source for prompt, cost-effective stainless steel and aluminum fabrication. Our industrial metal supply and fabrication services include:

Metal coating Metal fabrication
Structural steel fabrication Galvanizing
Metal trimming & cutting Pipe threading
Tee splitting Chamfering
Precision sawing Metal bending
Double-disk grinding

No matter how large or complex your order, you can expect fast, expedient delivery via one of our trucks.

Industries Served

Our industrial metal supply services extend to a diverse array of professionals in the San Diego area. From commercial and industrial construction to manufacturing, to plant upkeep, our team assists customers with all sorts of demanding applications. No project is too intricate for our experts and their top-notch equipment. Whether you need metal fabrication, chamfering for stainless steel or pipe threading services, we’ve got you covered.

Have a question about our services? Call us toll-free at (800) 400-6382.